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  • Who we are

    Together we're Creative Technologists, individually we bring our own strengths to a multidisciplinary team who execute smart digital solutions on behalf of ourselves and clients

  • Ruth Mac Partlin

    Co-founder, Ruth has a passion for using technology appropriately. She values professionalism and enthusiasm, and knows anything is possible when it comes to digital. In a rapidly changing digital landscape, she has learned to scan for potential, rely on carefully chosen expertise and go with gut feelings.

  • Liam Twomey

    Co-founder & CTO, Liam is one of the few technologists who can honestly say he has developed for the Internet since 1995. A key ingredient in the direction taken by clients across Mobile and Internet is Liam's 'up to the minute' knowledge, future outlook and longstanding experience in the delivery of digital solutions.

The Fluid Rock Team

Innovate for best results.

Our team has been assembled from three core disciplines, technology, design and business.  We've worked together for over ten years.  We believe in innovation.  We interpret needs to exacting proportions.  We build in excellence for lasting applications.  We ensure flexibility, so that our clients can extend rather than rebuild.  We're ahead of the game across all our key areas of expertise. We're open and we share, partner, contribute & support.  

We believe in people, they are what makes the digital magic happen.  We nurture new talent, contribute time and expertise to our industry and academic partners.  We sponsor research at the highest levels possible, provide placements for students and skills conversions.  We stay in touch with niche experts and share our own expertise where appropriate.  This is how we do what we do.  We're a small company but we operate at the same level as the large corporates.  We're not emulating, we're producing and innovating faster with less people, enabling our clients more rapidly & effectively than they could imagine.