• For Clients who need tailored solutions

    We deliver results for your users


We listen to our clients' requirements & gain an understanding of their business rules in order to propose a suitable solution, be it websites or mobile apps (web, native & hybrid) ...


We consider all elements of the proposed solution and deliver a project scope which plans for all aspects of the project, including usability, architecture, technology, design and other relevant aspects such as SEO, Online Marketing, Brand Integrity, Accessibility, User Experience & Social Media Integration ...


We design based on the results of our planning outputs, e.g. scenarios, use cases, focus groups and user testing. Our design approach is user focussed, encompassing aesthetic, technical and structural considerations.

4. Develop & Deploy

Business logic is coded using the relevant programming language and based on the use cases developed by our team and signed off by the client.  The aesthetic outputs in the form of templates, digital assets and style sheets are married to code to produce the final project.  Fluid Rock provides a range of hosting options to meet the needs of various applications.

We did Web

We do digital solutions

Collaborative projects that allow our strategists, developers and designers leverage each others knowledge and ideas to realise real results are core to this company. Our clients understand what we achieve, because we are explaining, advising and working in unison with them from Day 1. 

Key to delivering the digital solutions, be it content managed websites, web Apps or mobile Apps for iPad, Android or Windows, is our understanding of our clients and their users.  The solutions we design and develop may be internal, external or protected applications, but they are always relevant to the end-user and designed for the end-user.

We love to produce simple solutions for users that may involve is integrating with complex back-end architectures. We look to use industry standard technologies that provide the most compatibility with browsers and adopt a 'mobile first' universal design approach.

From a back-end technology perspective, we try to be agnostic, but in general we work with .NET and PHP, developing for Windows, Linux, iOS and Android.

We recommend TYPO3 and Kentico for content management, but happily work with other systems if required by a client.

YES, we do online marketing and social media, but we do it as part of an overall digital strategy.  We are not seeking clients for standalone campaigns.  We build solutions that integrate these elements within, if we have not built, we cannot guarantee, therefore we don't.