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Proclamation for a new generation

What's important to the young people of 2016 - equality, education, environment, homelessness and health to begin with.

Over the past few months,  Fluid Rock has been rolling out projects to support the Department of Educations' programme for the 1916 Centenary.

Next week, March 15th  is Proclamation Day in Irish schools, and students have been invited to explore the events of Easter 1916, the Irish Proclamation, people and events in their area connected with The Rising.  

Part of this has been the composition of a Proclamation for a New Generation. What is important to the students of today?  We thought we'd share them with you. So far, over 275 proclamations have been submitted from every county in Ireland.  They provide a fascinating read, and are a credit to the students.  Dominant themes include EQUALITY, EDUCATION, ENVIRONMENT, HOMELESSNESS AND HEALTH.

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