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How often do you run into your Taoiseach (Prime Minister)

Being from Drumcondra, in the noughties, I'd often see the Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister), and visitors from abroad would marvel at the sightings as we'd trundle into town on an evening bus over the Tolka.

This week I ran into the current Taoiseach twice.  Taoiseach Enda Kenny joined the Internet industry at the IIA conference on Thursday.  Catching the 9 o'clock news on Thursday night, it was obvious the IIA was one of numerous events he addressed on Thursday, I admire his drive. 

Recognition that technology and digital are showing strong growth year on year, I note that he had a chance chat with Sean O'Sullivan after his 30 minute speech.  In his speech, he urged us to let him know what the government can do better, I'm sure Sean had a word about his open borders for technology professionals initiative.  Wouldn't it be great if we could get the people we need, for example, recently searching for an Android developer, we received a fantastic application from an Indian candidate.  As an SME, with experience of sponsoring non-EU staff in the past, (numerous trips to GNIB), the thoughts of wading through the bureaucracy of three different departments stalled the recruitment process, but we still need an Android developer.

Anyway, back to the second meeting.  I received a call during the conference from Liam, saying we were meeting the Taoiseach on Friday.  What to show him?  We decided to show him aPperBook, a product we are developing that delivers e-Books via Apps to students.  Given his teaching background, I felt it was something he could identify with.  We were delighted, he spent almost 10 minutes with us, asking questions and reviewing the application.  I was in fast forward mode, but when I drew a breath afterwards, I was thinking about how complicated technology in schools, or for the country is.  Where's the strategy.  Where's the CTO for Ireland. 

In addition to the open borders for technologists, lets appoint a CTO for the country, lets direct and resource the 'SMART' economy.

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