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Adventures underway at Fluid Rock

Another gripping adventure at Fluid Rock, no, just a great new product from The Educational Company of Ireland to aid English language learning in primary schools. Could you resist these little characters from Big Box Adventures

It's not that we don't like corporate work, some of our favourites sites are for our corporate clients.  But the ohhs and aahhs around the office when Big Box Adventures came in the door spurred on a creative process that had to be reigned in.

Big Box Adventures is for kids you see.  It's an innovative new English Programme developed by The Educational Company of Ireland and has cuddly little characters that in our experience appeal to adults as much as to kids.

Sinead, our creative director was in her element as she reminisced about projects of old, in particular her days on 'Give Up Yer Aul Sins'  at Brown Bag Films where she started out.  She drew on the imagery in the books and packaging and developed a lovely framework to display and outline to teachers, exactly what Big Box Adventures is.

Further work will be done on the website over the summer.  Big Box Adventure will become part of the digital offering from edcoDigital, and teachers picking up on the product will get access to a rich set of digital resources for use on the whiteboard in classrooms.


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