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We care about what we do

We know that we're an unusual breed.  It started  nearly two decades ago, we developed a passion for the world wide web.  Some of us got access via Gopher.  Others had special dispensations to access it for our work, but somewhere along the line, we were impressed and realised this is what we want to be involved with.

Our younger team members are natives.  They have no clue what it was like BTI (before the Internet).  It doesn't matter, they're also passionate, and they have decided to develop expertise in this area.

Developing expertise is no mean feat. Overnight things can change, look at Facebook, YouTube, iTunes.  You need to be able to learn on the job everyday, you need to look ahead and make calculated predicitions as to what's coming down the line.  For that reason, we have to share our knowledge and pass on information.  Where we think its relevant to you, we'll publish it here too.

News and Musings

Amazon Web Services & Symfony2 Integration date:13.10.2016

Uploading to Amazon S3

This week, we migrated storage for an application that was built in Symfony2 from local file storage to Amazon S3. Here we outline some of the challenges we met along and the solutions that worked in this instance.

Proclamation for a new generation date:08.03.2016

What's important to the young people of 2016 - equality, education, environment, homelessness and health to begin with.

Seasons Greetings from Fluid Rock date:22.12.2015

Happy Christmas to all our customers, partners and neighbours in The Digital Hub. We've had a great year, working with new and old clients and we...

PDST & Fluid Rock work together to deliver brand new date:21.05.2014

When Fluid Rock responded to the Scoilnet tender entitled "Educational Website Development" in 2013, they knew that it was not just a website design and development project. The tender document was well researched and written and aspired to international standards, right up our street!

Responsive for Reynolds date:22.05.2013

Award Winning Company, Reynolds Logistics, launches new responsive website.

Happy Christmas date:20.12.2012

Happy Christmas

What's a year - what's a decade! Happy Christmas everyone.

We don't just need Fibre in our diet date:25.07.2012

An excellent talk at the Science Gallery last night, given by Susan Crawford, and interviewed by Karlin Lillington opened my mind to the fact that we're definitely following the mistakes of the US when it comes to Internet Access.

How often do you run into your Taoiseach (Prime Minister) date:15.05.2012

Being from Drumcondra, in the noughties, I'd often see the Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister), and visitors from abroad would marvel at the sightings as we'd trundle into town on an evening bus over the Tolka.

Theatre Forum Ireland Website Debut's date:14.05.2012

Theatre Forum Ireland is an impressive organisation communicating daily with it's community, informing of developments in the Performing Arts world in Ireland and getting input for lobbying projects on behalf of the Arts.

The National Irish Visual Arts Library Digital Archive date:08.05.2012

NIVAL at The National College of Art & Design launches Document, an exhibition showcasing some of the rich material archived at the library. Fluid Rock have worked with NIVAL to produce a digital archiving system.

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